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What is video mapping?

Рабочий процесс-видеомэппинг в Большом театре Video mapping (projection mapping, 3D mapping) is an art of creating and positioning three dimensional projections on physical objects based on their geometry and location in space.

3D or “three dimensional” means that by using specialized software, a three dimensional object is spatially mapped out in a virtual environment and then dynamically changed depending on the scenario. This creates an optical illusion as if the object changes itself.

In the last few years video mapping projects gained great popularity: large-scale video projections are very spectacular. Due to contemporary technical solutions in motion graphics and 3D modeling they allow to create very realistic and fantastic special video effects. That is why video mapping is widely used at public events, city festivals, for advertising campaigns and presentations.

Many works created with projection mapping are stepping outside the common definition of design, and nowadays it is generally perceived as an independent form of audiovisual arts.

Types of video mapping

Architectural video mapping is a three dimensional projection on a building, bridge, tower or any other architectural object. The shape of a building often defines content for the show, which usually involves architectural and historical context of the object. Walls, pillars, balconies, windows, staircases and other elements of architecture acquire a different meaning along with mapping. Works from our portfolio contain some good examples, such as video projections on the facade of Central House of Artists and on ‘Moskva’ hotel on the Manezhnaya Square.

Interior video projections. This definition applies to indoor projects, whereas 3D projections are positioned on walls, furniture or space interior. Optical illusion allows to fabulously modify inner space of buildings and can be treated as separate pieces, can be integrated into the existing environment or create an original dynamic light solutions. Thus, it can serve various objectives: from creating of an emotional atmosphere to a complete transformation of space in a club, office, at concert venue etc. Here are just some of the examples: Qatar TV studio design, video mapping in Pashkov’s House, and the installation for NTV-Plus exhibition stand.

We are proud to mention that Russian Visual Artists are the pioneers of video mapping in theatrical productions in Russia. Our portfolio also includes stage space design for leading Russian theatrical companies: from ‘Praktika’ Theater to the Bolshoi.

Object video projections. Different objects can serve as a ‘canvas’ for video projections. This approach is often used in art installations and for commercial purposes, such as presentations. It is also possible to make projections on objects in motion, as we did in a work for the latest collection by a fashion designer Franck Sorbier at Paris Haute Couture 2012.

One of the latest trends in three dimensional mapping is integration of interactive elements into projection shows, which let spectators or producers control the performance with various means. Most popular of them are reactive to movements and sounds. Use of this technology ranges from multimedia and gaming installations to educational and entertainment installations.

What’s next?

Technically, creation of projection mapping is a rather complex work and requires experience, technical resources, and a vast range of skills.

Russian Visual Artists is one of leading Russian companies who actively work with video projection creation all around the world. Our portfolio contains numerous completed projects of various complexity.

We will be glad to answer your questions and help you to realize your boldest creative ideas.