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Multimedia Installations

Интерактивная инсталляция для стенда GaussRussian Visual Artists are specialists in creating multimedia and interactive installations. Our collective was among first who started to produce them in Russia, and today some of the leading developers and brightest designers work in our team. This allows us to create unique interactive content and make something what deems impossible to others a reality. Throughout the years of our active work, we have accumulated rich experience and expertise both in hardware and software. We also have mastered the newest technologies and design approaches that are focused on usability.

Our installations don’t just work — they are very convenient and fun to use for commercial and artistic purposes, study and entertainment. Amongst our customers are many leading and forward thinking businesses and companies, such as Yota, NTV+, Gillette, Gauss.

There is no project like another and there is no client as another. Keeping this in mind, we are proud to develop individual, unique concepts and technical solutions for each project. On top of that, Russian Visual Artists perform full range of works to cover all our client’s needs — from consulting, development, and technical planning to content creation, installation, and maintenance.

What we can

We can augment and alter reality, surprise, astonish, entertain and attract — be it your clients, visitors or potential customers, our works are always being noticed. We turn even commercial installations into objects of art. We use the latest and most advanced solutions, including those especially designed for the purpose — for example, such as motion tracking and interfaces built around gesture control.

Areas of use

Rabochii-i-kolkhoznitsaInteractive and multimedia installations are gaining ever more popularity as outstanding, memorable custom-made solutions for exhibition stands, presentations, promo- and BTL events, as well as for navigation and content exploration in museums, galleries, at educational facilities, various public venues and in entertainment. Today interactive multimedia installations becoming a common sight in cultural facilities, restaurants, clubs, concert decorations, and on children’s playgrounds.

They always attract a lot of attention, involving people in enhanced communication and uniting the audience: interactivity stimulates activeness of the audience and serves as a powerful motivation for various actions – from creation of own reality to making a purchase as in interactive shop-windows example.

A set of equipment and it’s use options are limited only by your imagination: our solutions can be specifically designed for or integrated in a TV set, a plasma screen, a projection system, a video wall, a multitouch table, a sensor kiosk etc.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas and suitable approaches to your tasks.