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Media Facades

Russian Visual Artists offer original creative multimedia solutions for buildings and large architectural formations: TV stations, towers, bridges, and industrial structures. Development and installation of media facades belong to such solutions.

Media facade is a screen or a display of a desired size which is built into the architectural layout of a building or an object and which is used for broadcasting content, such as videos, graphics, animations, and text messages, on surfaces. Usually, a media facade is installed on the outside, or in cases of transparent facades, inside buildings and are assembled of LED’s of various sizes and shapes.

mediafacadeHigh-quality original media facades alter cities and can be applied for lighting design of buildings and rooms, for decoration of urban and public spaces as a means of communication and for art purposes.

Another advantage of their use is that they can display any visual content and can be seen from long distances. Such installations contain huge commercial potential as a unique advertising medium and can be effectively used for branding purposes.

With their use, you can accentuate the architecture of a building with artistic lighting or create unforgettable light effects by turning it into a huge screen which organically fits into the modern urban environment.

No doubt, a media facade installation will create a great public response. It will attract a lot of attention from both the public and the media which will create a positive and a festive atmosphere.

With every year, number of such projects keeps increasing. Just several years ago, pieces like this could be counted on fingers. In our days, there are special festivals in Europe dedicated to media facades and soon this technology will be used for night lighting of the Eiffel Tower.

Among its advantages are clarity of colors, parameter configuration, low power consumption, long life (hundreds of thousands of hours), safety, reliability, durability, vandal-resistance, and sustainability. Our specialists will walk you through the concept creation, equipment selection, and project realization which can be installed in any conditions. Our constructions comply with all legal rules and regulations.

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