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Motion graphics

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 18.18.32Motion graphics (motion design, graphic motion design) can be defined as animation created with computer a technology that is used for visual design in shows and for video projections. It is often integrated with 3D graphics and animations created in composing software.

Nevertheless, its use is not limited to only these spheres. Motion graphics are favored in movie-making industry for creating visual effects and titles; in TV production for animations, video clips, and commercial videos; it is quite common sight in web design as well.

In our days, the demand for motions graphics is growing from day to day. This is caused by the fact that use of animation design allows to realize the boldest ideas which attract and retain attention of the audience.

Some renowned masters of motion graphics, award laureates and international animation festivals and contests participants work in our team.

Our bleeding edge production base has powerful technological capacity to create and render 3D animations and motion graphics.
As we have completed a lot of motion design projects by now, we have amassed rich experience that allows us to undertake projects of any complexity and complete them in time.

Contact us today to discuss your ideas and we will help you in their realization.